Providing Strategic And Experienced Representation

Assertive Defense For High-Profile Sex Crimes

Sex crimes are among the most damaging allegations anyone can face. The mere accusation of sexual misconduct, let alone a formal criminal charge, can permanently damage the reputation of both an individual and the company that employs them. If you have even an inkling that the state might be investigating you, speak with an attorney immediately.

At The Jab Firm, board-certified attorney Jill Brisbois understands the severity of sexual misconduct allegations, having successfully defended clients throughout Minnesota against the most severe of sex crimes. In her 15-plus years of experience, she has handled high-profile cases for some of the world’s most prominent individuals.

Ms. Brisbois will not hesitate to defend you from charges such as:

  • Sexual abuse
  • Sexual assault and rape
  • Sexual battery
  • Indecent exposure
  • Solicitation of prostitution
  • Exploitation of a child in a sexual manner
  • Possession of child pornography

While striving aggressively to shield you from the impact of your case, she also gives realistic feedback in straightforward language, so you understand exactly what you are up against. Before you speak with a member of law enforcement, speak with Jill Brisbois.

Multiple Allies Are Better Than One

Many criminal sexual cases span multiple investigative agencies, jurisdictions and areas of practice. In these instances, you may need the representation of more than one attorney or law firm. Ms. Brisbois provides consulting and advisory services to other lawyers and can also serve as your co-counsel. She collaborates with a team to create a holistic strategy, manage media relations and more.

Work With A Board-Certified Defense Attorney

Ms. Brisbois is not just an experienced defender but also a board-certified one. The Minnesota State Bar Association has certified her in criminal defense. This certification requires rigorous additional training and testing, which speaks to her expertise in criminal law.

If You Face A Sex Crime, Get Help Now

Work with an ally who can help you navigate the frightening criminal justice system. To schedule an initial consultation with Ms. Brisbois about representation, consulting or advising, please contact her office in the Twin Cities. Call 651-222-9990 or use her online contact form to request your consultation.