Providing Strategic And Experienced Representation

Co-Counsel Or Consulting Provides Strength In Numbers

The old adage is true: There is strength in numbers. This applies to legal representation just as much as it does to other areas of life. When a case is particularly complex, encompasses a practice area with which you are not familiar, or requires more hands on deck than you have available, you may wish to seek the skill set of outside counsel.

Attorney Jill Brisbois of The Jab Firm has worked with numerous legal professionals to serve as co-counsel or provide consulting and advisory services. Based in the Twin Cities, she collaborates with other Minnesota attorneys and law firms to help them offer comprehensive service for their clients.

Advanced Advice For Many Areas

Ms. Brisbois collaborates to develop a global strategy for cases involving:

  • Criminal defense: As a board-certified criminal law attorney, Ms. Brisbois can provide thorough insight into defense strategy.
  • Federal criminal defense: She advises on the differences between state and federal defense and is licensed to practice in federal court.
  • Sex crimes: One area of focus for her is sex offenses, particularly high-publicity cases involving prominent figures.
  • Appeals and post-conviction relief: Brisbois often advises fellow defense attorneys who seek guidance in appellate law.
  • Litigation: She handles complex litigation as well as alternative dispute resolution.
  • Other: Criminal law often intersects with family law, personal injury, bankruptcy or other areas. She can develop holistic strategies for clients with multifaced cases.

Having served as an advisor and co-counsel numerous times, she knows the fine balance of imparting her opinions while respecting the primary attorney’s relationship with the client.

Discuss Your Goals And Needs With Ms. Brisbois

You can have strength in numbers when you work with The Jab Firm. Reach out to Ms. Brisbois to talk about matters further. To schedule an initial consultation in which you can discuss your case, please call 651-222-9990 or send an email.